Emergency Medical Transports


If a person is having an emergency, such as being stabbed, shot, or if they are having a natural medical emergency, they need to be rushed to the hospital, as quickly as possible. This person may be put into an ambulance, a helicopter, or any form of transportation that can get them to the hospital, as quickly as possible. In cases of emergency, an ambulance is typically used, because it’s the most common form of transportation. Not only is an ambulance common when it comes to medical transportation, the paramedics inside are also able to save a life.

911 emergency

If 911 is called, because there is a medical emergency, the ambulance will come right away. Only if a person is deemed to be too severe, for the ambulance to get them to the hospital in time, will a helicopter be called to the scene. Helicopters may also be used to transport a medical emergency victim, if they are in a location that an ambulance cannot reach, such as the mountains, or on a trail of some kind. Ambulances can only be on the road, whereas a helicopter can travel just about anywhere.