Non-Emergency Medical Transport


Anyone who runs a nursing home, or anyone who cares for someone with medical problems, may not have ways to transport them when it’s necessary. Even though the person caring for the patient, may have a car of their own, there may be other patients in the home as well. In certain cases, a medical transport company may be hired, in order to transport a patient, from one location to another, so they can receive medical treatment. The cases are not an emergency, meaning that the patient just needs transportation to a place, where they can receive a check up, or some medical care.


It’s possible that someone being transported in non-emergency situations, may be transported in a car, van, bus, or other type of vehicle. It’s also possible that a helicopter or a jet may be used, in cases of non-emergency. If a patient has a very long distance to travel, in order to get to a certain medical facility, a regular vehicle may not be feasible. A jet or a helicopter can get the patient to any location, much faster than a vehicle can. Companies will have medical transports in the form of a jet or helicopter, and a patient can pay for this form of transportation.